About Us

EDMTV (Electronic Dance Music Television) has centralized the Electronic Dance Music community. A television network and online social hub is the necessary response to dance music’s explosion into pop culture. EDM hasn’t just dominated North America, but is now recognized worldwide, as
hundreds of genres come together, gaining support from major superstars.

Our infrastructure turns fantasy into reality, giving fans an exclusive insight into concerts, festivals, music production, animation, theories and equipment, interviews with their favorite artists, entertaining TV shows and fashionable merchandise to fit into our EDM family.

We aren’t just limited by traditional 2D either. Our platform allows us to broadcast LIVE in 360 degrees in 3D to handheld devices and Virtual Reality (VR) headsets around the world. Members can virtually visit the most desired concerts and festivals from the comfort of their living rooms with our
proprietary 3D Virtual Reality application, best of all they can bring their friends too. With a huge collection of original content from our media partners, combined with dozens of top record labels, we showcase the best videos the world has to offer. Not only are we bringing millions of millennials the latest hits from EDM trend setters, but we are also giving upcoming artists the chance to prove their worth on the world stage. We open our stream to the new ambitious minds hungry for their moment in the limelight, which fuels an interactive community where fans can vote for their favorite tracks and live sets, opening doors for generations to come.

By becoming the catalyst for new talent, EDMTV positions itself as an international leader in the entertainment industry, allowing us to host the world’s largest events with our own performers, media coverage, marketing and advertising, products and services, whilst bringing people together for a unique experience encouraging global enlightenment.

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