Decadence – Arizona’s brightest and loudest

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Decadence, the largest New Years’ Eve festival in Phoenix (Arizona) exceeded expectations of many Electronic Dance Music fans. Located at the Rawhide Event Center, Decadence hosted over 20 thousand people this year!

Combining different genres of EDM with over 30 artists featuring Above & Beyond, Eric Prydz, Green Velvet, Morgan Page, Moon Boots, NGHTMRE, Diezel, Rezz, Skrillex and many others, it was Arizona’s loudest and brightest event.

The incredible light shows, fun activities around the playground, food and lounging areas plus 3 stages set a magical winter wonderland mood under the bright stars of the desert. We absolutely loved how guests came out in very luminous festival outfits, dressing their best to impress and sharing love and happiness with each other. Acrobats, dancers, bright lights, glow stick and hoop shows, face-paint artists and colorful outfits made the playground sparkle and glow.

In the midst of the insanity, we got a brief chance to chat with the man who stands behind this impressive event, the founder of Relentless Beats, Thomas Turner.

What makes Decadence 2018 different from the previous years?

– TT: The enthusiasm from our core fan base allows us to keep improving the value at our events. That, and of course Skrillex making a comeback is kind of epic:)

What was a challenge encountered this year from your perspective?

– TT: The fest exceeding our expectations presented some logistical challenges and we will make modifications going forward to make things better for out attendees.

Will you be surprising fans even more next year?

– TT: Yes, we definitely have some surprises in store for next year 🙂

The event was absolutely massive; would you like to mention any people who helped to make the festival happen?

– TT: I have an amazing team and the list is so long, but Ryan Auhl the director of Relentless Beats, Daniel Rivera my right-hand man/ talent buyer, Dylan Arndt in marketing, & our amazing partners at Wildhorse Pass / Rawhide all deserve special thanks along with countless others.