Created In Their Happy Place (The Studio) Wild Culture’s Latest Is Alive With ‘Together Alone’

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Garnering more than 18 Million SoundCloud plays, 20 Million YouTube plays, and 18 Million Spotify plays, Austrian duo WILD CULTURE has solidified their name in the global dance music community. The renowned pair just released their infectious new pop-electronic single “Together Alone” on RCA/SME. The single’s catchy and emotive lyrics play pair perfectly with its pop based melody that seamlessly combines rhythmic drums, massive subs, and enchanting piano. At its root, the single narrates one couple’s love story and their eventual separation. With the addition of harmonizing lead vocals, the song delvers a magnificent and delectable feast to yours ears. WILD CULTURE remains true to its simplistic style with deep house elements and organic sounds, leading to a staggering musical ambience. Loren Nine’s ethereal female vocals poetically play off of the lead male vocals, making the narrative easily relatable and realistic.

WILD CULTURE had this to say about “Together Alone”: “During a songwriting session in Berlin we sat together with all the musicians for a couple of drinks. One was approached and had to find out that a beloved person was lost. We had deep talks that night about break ups and letting go of people we had to let go in our lives. As we all were really down after that there was no other solution to process our feelings than working on a track. “Together Alone” came out and we hope it helps many people out there to handle there feelings such as it has helped us. ”

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During the past few years WILD CULTURE has toured the globe, performing on stages across Europe, South America, and the United States at events such as the world-renowned World Club Dome, Electric Love Festival, Ushuaia, and Electric Mountain Festival.

Check out the preview at their Soundcloud page: