Going ‘Over & Over’ With Primoz

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Electronic duo Primoz has solidified a name for themselves as one of the best up and coming names in electronic music. The duo recently released their newest single “Over & Over” featuring vocalist John Bloom. On “Over & Over”, Primoz masterfully combines elements of pop, electronica, trap, bass music, and moombahton with John Bloom’s romantic R&B vocals, resulting in a high-energy and uplifting single perfect to end your summer on a high note. We recently had the chance to catch up with the duo about the release of “Over & Over”, where they get their inspiration from, and more.


What’s the main idea behind your new project Primoz? 

The main idea behind PRIMOZ was to stick to our Hispanic Roots. Our main focus is to make music that reaches out to the Hispanic Community in the electronic dance scene. Expect a lot of Reggaeton and Moombahton influence in our new PRIMOZ brand.


How do you describe your sound? 

I would say we have a lot of Latin Influence with the drums right now. Crazy synths with percussion and latin vibes. Basically a lot of Reggaeton and Moombahton.


Which software do you use to produce music? 



What do you perform on live? 



Who are your major musical influences? 

G.T.A., Dillon Francis, Kaskade, Ozuna, Bad Bunny


What’s the main idea behind your new song “Over & Over”? 

Our main idea was to create the perfect summer vibe.


What has the response been like so far to the release of “Over & Over”? 

The response has been amazing so far on this release. We had a little remix contest on our Instagram and we were surprised at the number of people who actually participated. It seems like people are really digging the different infused genres we put into our music lately. A music video is in the works so be on the lookout for that in the near future as well.


How did you end up collaborating with John Bloom? 

We met John Bloom at a music production school in Orange County, CA. We instantly kicked it off. He’s a very talented musician all around. So when we heard him sing one day we knew we had to incorporate his sound into our tracks. So we randomly showed him an instrumental we had finished and he loved it so we just went off the flow and it turned out good. You’ll definitely hear some new music from us in the near future.


What do you have planned for the rest of 2018 and beyond? 

We got an EP coming out on JSJTR’s new label “Group Chat”. We’re also playing Bass Rush in LA with JSJTR &  Friends on October 5th, so be sure come out and catch us play all our new music here. Besides this, you’ll be hearing a lot of new self-released remixes and originals and collaborations.