How Insomniac Saved My Life

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Before I got into the EDM scene most of my teenage years were filled with getting into trouble and eventually it led me to join a local gang here in Southern California. I was heavily involved in gang activity that led me to stealing, fighting and drugs. My life was going down a road of destruction.

One day one of my friends invited me to a party where I met a very pretty girl who was dancing to some music I’d never heard before. She was using a hula hoop while she was dancing and I thought it was really cool. She’d dance very sexy when the music was slow, but when the music would drop she would start dancing crazy with the hula hoop throwing it up in the air and twirling it in circles. By the time she was done I was completely mesmerized.


After the song was over I introduced myself to her. She was so full of life and had so much energy. I found out the music was a sub-genre of EDM called dubstep and the artist she was dancing to was Skrillex. I was instantly hooked on her and the music.

After talking and dancing with her throughout the night she invited me to an Insomniac event the following weekend, Beyond Wonderland SoCal. I immediately agreed to go, not knowing what I was getting myself into. As the party ended we exchanged phone numbers and agreed to buy our tickets right away and start planning for the following weekend. The next day we both bought our tickets and were so excited to dance the weekend away together again!

After a whole week of planning and talking with her I realized that I had completely ignored all of my friends, maybe I had finally found something that could get me away from a life of trouble. It was now Friday afternoon and we were driving to Beyond at the Nos Events Center in San Bernardino. We were listening to electronic music the whole way there, getting ourselves ready for the event. We parked the car and began walking towards the entrance. I could already start to feel the energy of the people in the parking lot and the ground shaking from the music in the distance.


We walked up to the entrance and got through the long line. We had finally arrived!

First we walked around the festival grounds before it got dark. We also ate some chili cheese fries on a park bench and watched Go Freek perform on the main stage. The music was so groovy and they called it gutter tech

Next the sun started to set and the moon started to rise. That’s when the whole festival came to life! We spent each hour watching different artists like Bro Safari, Ghastly, and Alesso perform. The music was so amazing. The visuals were awesome and the fireworks were something I’ve never seen before! It was 1am and there was only time for one more set before the festival was over. We walked over to the Bassrush stage and caught Adventure Club’s set. Once the set had ended and the music had stopped the lights all turned on so we began our journey back to the car.


I think it was at this point honestly I knew that I really loved the scene and what I had experienced at my first festival was very special. I started attending every event I could in SoCal. Before long my so called “brothers” stopped reaching out to me. And I’d never felt better in my life.


I straightened up and got a job, since the raver life certainly doesn’t come cheap. Lol. And now I have a full rave fam that I can actually depend on. I couldn’t be any more grateful for Insomniac and the world I’d been introduced to. I don’t know where I’d be today if it wasn’t for my now wife & Insomniac.