Bassrush Massive: 10 Things To Look Forward To

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As we get ready for a massive explosion of BASS, our friend Natasha Toves gets you pumped, anticipating an insane show with plenty of surprises and a massive lineup… ready?!

Top 10 things to look forward to at Bassrush Massive



  1. BTSM (need I say more?!)
  2. Bass Music all night long!
  3. The amazing visuals & laser displays!
  4. The stacked line up (seriously tho!!)
  5. Brand new & unreleased music!
  6. The vibes only Insomniac brings!
  7. Latest & greatest in festival fashion!
  8. The awesome new  stages!
  9. The unbeatable sound systems!
  10. One of a kind art installations and performers!


If you don’t have your tickets yet, cop em now and get more info here