Jumpstart Your “Lifeline” With FHONO

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Independent electronic label Chroma Records recently released its latest single “Lifeline” by Fhono. “Lifeline” seamlessly blends together an anthemic melody, dirty bass, tropical house, future bass, and hip-hop resulting in an all original, highly irresistable, and hypnotic electronic single.

The romantic lyrics for “Lifeline” are inspiring and perfectly compliment the song’s next level and intricate electronic production. My favorite part about “Lifeline” is how the angelic female vocals contrast perfectly with the lyrical flow. The project Fhono consists of multiple producers who span across different genres and geographic locations who have decided for now to remain anonymous for now. The thing Fhono stands unified under is that hope is alive and love is a powerful force not to be reckoned with.

FHONO - Lifeline


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