Casablanca Records’ Black Caviar Remix Zander Bleck’s “Mercy Me”

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Imagine moving to New York City at age 17 with only $400 in your pocket, opting to work as a full-time international model while striving to be established as a musician. Zander Bleck did and his most recent musical delivery, created to be a new wave pop-rock phenom, puts him on the map with support from industry elites.


Zander Bleck’s captivating voice is put to work on his most recent 4-song remix EP, releasing this today, May 4th, which also features takes from KRAYT and 3rd Term. The EP’s lead track “Mercy Me” embodies indie rock through his vocals at it’s finest with electronic future bass & dubstep influences.

Casablanca Record’s Black Caviar were sought after to give the already massive track a twist into the 4/4 house realm. Giving it their ol’ New York flavor, Zander Bleck had rave reviews for the new mix.

“I Love this mix, and what Black Caviar did with the feel of the track.  Brings on some real party vibes while retaining the spirit of the original.”  –Zander Bleck



The remix encompasses a laid back house groove, with captivating drum patterns. The simple build up into complete silence gets redemption as the pulsating bassline comes together after. Following their Billboard Charts debut with recent support from Martin Garrix through his Spotify TomorrowWorld playlist, the track is a sure club topper.

“When we first heard the original version we fell in love with the track. The vocal was great and the hook was strong, so we were stoked to be asked to remix it and add our flavor to it.” -Black Caviar.

Available now for streaming: