Romen Jewels Debut With A Cardi B ‘Be Careful’ Bootleg For The Masses

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Bringing together their artist power and production alignment from the west coast in Cali’s San Francisco to Chi-town, Cabuizee and Nikki X debut as “Romen Jewels”, bringing together a force of support from the likes of Diplo‬, TJR, ‪The Chainsmokers‬, Slander, Nghtmre & more.


Roman Jewels keep true to the essence of the original track, however the melody and vibe from the get go are supplemented by a trap beat and warped bass line, setting it up ready for main stage festivals. Prior to the first breakdown, the drums come alive riding along with a bigger bass synth lead and build ups warping you into the next Cardi B flow. The sound design on this track is superb and recommended for any bass lover – DJ or fan.

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