Gianni Blu Tells Us What He Feels Like

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Our friend Tatiana had a chance to speak with Gianni Blu as he tells us about his latest track “Tell Me What It Feels Like’ ft Mingue” and shares insight on touring, his musical history and more…


-Hi Gianni, it’s nice talking to you, especially knowing that you are Chicago based, born and raised artist. I spent a great 4 years of my life there. Are there any new tendencies in the Chicago music scene these days?

Nice to meet you! Chicago is boomin’ with music and entertainment. As always the rap/hiphop scene is incredible, as well as the dance/house music culture which is pushing new heights for sure. Especially in the midwest, chicago is the mecca for all the major talent / festivals / events going on! So much is happening in the Chi that is it amazing to be here and be apart of it all.


-You just released a new track and it is very sensual. What gave you inspiration for this track? Anybody steal your heart?

The track came about actually last summer. I was sitting at a grand piano just freestyling chords and just singing. I had my voice memo app on and was just recording. I came across the starting line ” Can You Feel The Love” and I started piecing the puzzle together from there. When I was making the track the inspiration, I would say, developed in my head as if it were a movie scene. I wanted to create this vivid video depiction into song form.

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-You shared before your love for traveling and traveled quite a lot in your early childhood. What is your favorite place you’ve visited? What about when performing outside of the USA?

This past summer (2017) I had a chance to go out to Haiti and perform a major festival out there with Thomas Gold, Serani, & Jowell Y Randy. A variety of international acts from all over EDM, Reggaeton, DanceHall. That has by far been my most exciting performance so far. 2,000 + people in the crowd, the feeling and adrenaline rush i felt was like nothing I have ever experienced.

My favorite place I have ever visited I would have to say is Hong Kong. It was one of those feelings where I was just taken back by the culture, architecture, lifestyle, and people. When I was a kid one of my favorite movies was Rush Hour 2 and majority of the movie took place in HK. I was able to spend over a month in this beautiful city and was able to soak everything in and really become immersed in the adventure.

I have always been such a tech person and everything there is so advanced and futuristic. Don’t get me wrong … My favorite place in the world is always the beach, I could name so many places that were exotic etc, but this experience in Asia was completely different.


-It’s not a secret that fame can change a person…Can you apply it to yourself?

That’s an interesting question. I would have to answer it like this. I feel like there are two types of artists. Those who find some viral content early on in their career and jump infront of fame very quickly. And those who took many years in the making and it was a constant slow growth and building.

I started my music journey almost 10 years ago and it has been a rollercoaster with a lot of ups and downs. It’s definitely a continuous journey that’s taken me a long time to build upon and I think when it happens more so this way you learn throughout the path and are much more prepared with dealing with fame. I try to stay grounded and focus on the music more than anything and that’s worked for me so far.


-Tell our readers about your craziest club/performance experience, something what you can never forget. The life of the artist is full of crazy events, but is there anything what was absolutely astonishing or life changing?

I would have to also mention that Favella Music Fest I played in Haiti. It was something I had never experienced being my first major festival.

I’ll add another one in also. I played with Nora En Pure this past summer in Chicago and the energy was unreal. I closed after her so the people were already in full party mode. I’ll never forget this one moment actually because it was around the time “Thinking About You” was really bubbling and getting a lot of attention on Spotify. I dropped the record and I remember looking into the crowd and I could see so many people singing my song back to me – word for word, full of energy and excitement – that was such a special moment for me.That was one of the first times I had seen my music on the  Live Performance side get so much love and people knowing the words of something I wrote in a basement studio with a simple idea was priceless.

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-Electronic Dance Music music promotes love and equality, but it also faces multiple problems, for example underage kids attending festivals. What is your opinion on that.

I have attended so many festivals throughout my teens and early 20s and what always concerned me more was the drug use. I feel there needs to be more planning and discussion about safety at all of these events. More accessibility to water and more paramedics as well. I think there has been a break down of communication between authorities and event goers. Especially for younger kids, they would rather not go ask for help for the fear of what will happen instead of making sure their friends are ok. At the end of the day we want everyone to be safe and enjoy the music and the vibe and the experience because festivals really are such a special coming together of people of all walks of life.


-You have an abundant music background. Who was that teacher that taught you the most?

I had a Violin teacher at an early age that I would work with every week for a few years. I can’t remember his name off the top of my head but I can remember exactly what he looks like lol..  He taught me most of all the music theory knowledge I know to this day. It was very annoying and I didn’t like it at the time because at first I was forced into playing an instrument as a kid but I am very thankful for that knowledge and training now and apply it everyday when I am in the studio. So a message to all the kids out there playing instruments stick with it!!


-What are your plans for the summer of 2018? Are you planning to tour or studio more?

I don’t want to give to much away… but I am planning my biggest releases to date. (With some very known international artists) I’ll give you something tho.. In November I went out to Jamaica to record with Serani a super legendary jamaican artist. Expect some very dope records from us coming soon!

Also have some special shows that are in the works as well. =)


-What is the biggest challenge you face making music? What are your favorite tools/toys in the studio?

As far as biggest challenge I would say breaking through the NOISE and the saturation going on in the last few years. It feels like there is so much music that is coming out you have to be very creative with your marketing and promo to stand out.

I love incorporating real instruments in my production. I have a bunch of drums and percussion instruments I keep around the studio if I ever want to lay an idea or add some backgrounds sound just to create a vibe real quick. I got that influence from my bro Serani out in Jamaica when i visited him a few months back! Shout out to him !



-What is that sweet voice in your last track? Can you introduce the singer to our readers?


The beautiful voice is a singer from Netherlands known as Mingue. She has an incredible voice!! I was listening to some old tracks I had on my computer around the time that I made the first demo of “Tell Me What It Feels Like” and found her song she did with Bolier called Riverbank and I knew immediately that she would work on the record so we reached out to her, and several months later “Tell Me What It Feels Like” was born.