In / Rotation’s CONVEX Teases Upcoming EP With New Single ‘Dainichi’

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Convex is coming in strong as he continues to make a mark in dance music. Originally discovered through the 2014 Discovery Project, he’s continued to grow in leaps with feature sets like the highlight EDC Las Vegas 2017.

Strategically planning out his take over, he’s been tapped by Insomniac’s label imprint In / Rotation for a release of his EP set to release in the coming months. Tease as it may be for a truly great EP to come, ‘Dainichi’ is a master piece of its own kind transporting you to a futuristic land with enchanting voices traveling through the mountains and high frequencies playing side by side with the wind.


Big chord leads move the song, growing progressively as space horns blare at the tranquil breakdowns while vocal cuts form angelic vibrations, half time beats through out set the rhythm for the track and build ups come together with an explosive melody that accompany the bass & rhythmic drums with a varied beat pattern and very natural organic sounds.


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