Thomas Jack Expands His Sounds With A 5+ Hour Live Mix

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Breaking down the walls of genres… Thomas Jack stepped outside the tropical realm of music as he played out a 5 hour+ set on this past Groove Cruise LA. A very exclusive experience, floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with nothing but ocean blue (into the night’s darkness) surrounding the voyage we had embarked, not only on the cruise but on the trip that Thomas was about to take us on.
Digital Dreams Music Festival 2017 - Toronto

Digital Dreams Music Festival 2017 – Toronto

Fortunate enough to have experienced it live (only 3 of the 5 hours as sleep is necessary on board the Groove Cruise), the mix is full of late night jackin’ house – which he’s been playing all summer long at his Hi Ibiza Residency and select gigs. The morphing into different sounds represent the transition he’s been showcasing, recently seen in his Versus EP with Ry X and The Acid, giving the listen a preview of whats to come.
So, give yourself a stretch and put on your dancing shoes – especially if you can handle 5 hours of non stop jammin!