Nytrix Returns With Big Bass “Broken” Along RWDY

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 Nytrix (American DJ, electronic music producer and vocalist ) makes his return to the scene with new comer RWDY (after successful collaborations with singers DEV and Neon Hitch), with a massive collaborative track “Broken.”  The hybrid track explodes with future bass synths, hard dubstep kicks, and a soaring vocal from Nytrix.
(DJ Nytrix)
While on the road in May, Nytrix headlined at UCLA’s Day Dream festival.  (click below)
Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 4.41.09 PM

After hisexplosive performance, Nytrix met one of the students (RWDY) at UCLA, and became friends.  That night they showed each other music projects they were working on which led to the pair working on the track for several months.  After many revisions and cross production stylings, the two completed a truly unique and one of a kind track.
Now ready to share their creation with the world, the pair is set to premiere a live version of the record this Friday at Control LA.
Listen, share & download Broken here:
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