Ableton Now Offering Free Music Production Lessons

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So you’ve been thinking about starting to make some music, but the thought alone of all those digital synths, plug-ins, VST’s and ‘things’ you have to know to get started on letting your creative juices flow put you at a stand still every time you think about it.

These programs, to an untrained user, can seem like a bigger maze than was endured in ‘The Maze Runner’ and now Ableton is leading the way for anybody that would like a simple yet through introductory class with their new “Learning Music” website (while creatively introducing more people to their software after finishing the series) .

A very well curated menu of production topics allows you to skip between them, but it is recommended to kick off with the basic introduction series. Once you’ve conquered the basic lesson series, Ableton has also developed “The Playground” which is a module that allows you to ‘play’ with sounds and a sequencer they’ve programmed to work within your browser. If you make something cool you can export it to play with in Ableton later on too.


Everything from must-know vocabulary, defining what notes & scales are & overviews about song structure lead into an advanced section for those that are ready to go down the rabbit hole.

Do note that these are not ‘Ableton‘ classes, but rather lessons on music making.

Kudos Ableton.