Cuzzins Release ‘Satellites’ Music Video on Panda Funk

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Back at it with one of Panda Funk’s latest releases, CUZZINS debut their music video rendition for ‘Satellites’ which we premiered a few weeks ago. We linked up with them for a quick Q&A thanks to Sylvie Barnett getting  a back seat view to how it all went down.

Peep the video and Q&A below:

What inspired you to to write “Satellites”?

Paige Faust sent us over her vocals, which ended up being the main idea behind “Satellites”. We were blown away with them, and we wanted to create a track that was going to give her amazing vocals life. 
How did you come up with the concept for the “Satellites” music video?
The whole concept of the music video was created by our producer and director Hector Toro. Once we sent him over Satellites he got back to us a day later with a treatment and location for the whole video. We liked everything he had planned for it & sure enough he killed it. He totally brought “Satellites” to life. 
How do you describe your style of music on “Satellites” versus your usual sound?
Well, “Satellites” really made us have to step out of our comfort zone a little. We were always use to making stuff for the clubs/festivals but this time we had to tone it down a bit. After hearing the vocals Paige sent us, we really felt like we had to make this a feel good song, something everyone can relate to, party to or even just chill to. We definitely feel like we accomplished that with this one. 
What has it been like working with Panda Funk?
Working with Panda Funk is dope. They’ve been super supportive with our music for awhile now, and we really appreciate everything they’ve done for us thus far. Much much love to everyone on the Panda Funk team. 
Which other artists’ careers influence you the most?
We definitely have a lot of influences, but to name a few, I would say GTA, DJ Snake, and The Chainsmokers.
Anything you’d like your fans to know?
We’d like to thank them for their love and support thus far. Thank you guys for all the love on our latest EP The Legacy. We have lots and lots of new music coming very soon, so stay tuned.
By: @SylvieBarnett